Jul 10, 2017

...And More: The Tales of a Stroke Patient Is Expanding

In a dialog between Rebecca (who overlooked her husband's birthday and who's pregnant with triplets, in the famed This Is Us, the second season coming in September on NBC) and a liquor store owner, Teddy:

Teddy:     Hi.

Rebecca: Hi. I need to make a fancy chocolate almond cake as fast as humanly possible.

Teddy:     Ok.

Rebecca:  So I'm going to need butter, sugar, flour, almonds, and semi-sweet chocolate.

Teddy:      M'am. This is a liquor store.

Rebecca:  I know. But the sign said Liquor and More. So where's the more?

Rebecca, on the advice of Teddy, buys a banana-nut muffin instead and Twinkies to squeeze out the insides. So the liquor store "and more" is exactly what this store is.

Babies and More, Mufflers and More, Signs and More. The "and More" is used like et cetera, but a small number of people (I'm being kind here) may not understand et cetera, coming from Latin which nobody speaks anymore except clerics but good for a higher score on the SATs, an expression that is used in English to mean "and other similar things."

But everybody understands "and More." So I'm changing the original title of my blog from "The Tales of a Stroke Patient" to read "The Tales of a Stroke Patient and More." Yes, I have opinions with most of my brain left. I started a second blog, "As Joyce Hoffman Sees It," and then realized later the "and More" tacked onto the original title would be just fine, allowing me to write about anything, like Donald, energy, Donald, abortion, Donald, refugees, Donald, taxes, Donald, marijuana, um, et cetera.

I'm delighted to inspire and educate folks with my posts about strokes, but I want more. And so do you. So every once in a while, I'll write something that has nothing to do with strokes. Where's the more? You may be looking at it soon.