A clinical study at Duke University found that patients who attend religious services tend to have better outcomes, like immune function. In another clinical study of 232 adults who were 60 years or older and who underwent heart surgery, religious patients were "3 times less likely to die within the 6 months after surgery than those who were not."   

Also, Randy Travis, that Hall-of-Famer country star, had a stroke recently. His wife, Mary, professed, "They really said there was no hope; go ahead and pull the plug. I went to his bedside and I said, 'Baby, you've got to give me some more fight.' And I knew that he had a little talk with Jesus, because he squeezed my hand, and a little tear fell down," she continued. "And I knew that he wasn't through yet." More prayer, I imagine.

Enough? I may not know if God exists, but I'm leaning toward the positive side that He does. As my grandmother used to say about anything, "It couldn't hurt. So try." I'm going to join a congregation as my first step toward worship and then we'll see where it goes. While I'm there, I'll pray for others and, truth be told, a little for myself.